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Apr 03


At the UCG Demonstration held at Windsor House on the 26th May 2015 Mr D a Knowledge Boy was stopped by the Police in Victoria Street, the Police Officer informed Mr D that in his opinion his back tyre was seriously under inflated, and when tested the Police claimed that they found reading of 7 …

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Mar 15

UCG statement re Crowd Funding

The United Cabbies Group and Save Our Taxis The UCG has pledged £5000 to the Save Our Taxis crowd funding appeal, this money was pledged when the appeal first started, in fact we were the first Trade Organisation to pledge, and yet for the 3rd time we feel a need to issue a statement to …

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Feb 09

Confused in Thailand

Here I am Sitting in Thailand with a stinking cold I could think of nothing better to do than listen to the recording of the recent TFL Board meeting which approved both mandatory Credit Cards for Black Cabs and a change in our tariffs, the levels of misinformation that I heard from so many spokesman …

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Feb 05

The rise and rise of the tax avoiders

The rise and rise of the tax avoiders The London Taxi trade are again taking to the streets on Wednesday the 10th of February. Our grievance is the UK Government’s interference in Taxi trade regulatory affairs whilst actively supporting a tax avoiding global company. Some very sensible proposals were put forward by the regulator yet …

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Jan 19

Crowd Funding The Legal Action

Today saw the launch of an attempt to crowd fund legal action against Transport for London; this action will be focusing predominately on TFL’S decision to issue an Operators Licence to UBER. The UCG have been convinced for a long time that any legal action taken by the Trade should be against TFL as a …

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Apr 18

‘Enough is Enough’ by Umble cabbie

boris uxbridge

On the 21st of April, Oxford Street will see a UCG demo entitled Enough is Enough. All cab drivers are welcome. The UCG has invited other orgs and unions to show support for this demo. The demonstration has been called by Trevor Merralls who is the UCG campaign manager. This demonstration was born out of …

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Apr 10

SACK BORIS : A Sack Boris campaign is being launched.


All of the improper decisions and strategies in relation to the London Taxi trade are ultimately made by Boris Johnson. He has implemented an improper and unlawful Taxi Age Limit. The Mayor of London submitted a written report to the Environmental Audit Committee Air Quality Inquiry in 2011 confirming that a new Euro 5 vehicle …

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Sep 09

Mayors Unlawful Air Quality Strategy

C.A.B- CABBIES AGAINST BORIS- PRESS RELEASE-UPDATE A London Taxi ‘Go Slow’ will take place at 2pm, on Tuesday 9th September to protest against the Mayor of London’s improper and unlawful Taxi Age Limit. The Mayor will appear before the Environmental Audit Committee on Wednesday this week to explain why his air quality strategies have failed, which includes the …

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Mar 12

License Renewals

UCG – Fighting For You All Licence Renewal Woes A major problem confronting UCG member’s, and it appears, the whole trade at the moment, is the issue of License/bill renewals The system has been changed yet again, and as a result some drivers have found themselves unable to work as their current licences have expired …

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Feb 18

UCG – Fighting For You


United Cabbies Group – Its Business as usual ! As most of you are aware, over the past few months the UCG has seen some major changes to its management setup. These changes came about due to illness and family commitments. The remaining Committee members have spent time re-organising the Group while looking after the …

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