About Us

The United Cabbies Group was formed by Licensed London Taxi drivers who are concerned with the current state that the taxi trade finds itself in.

Every member of the UCG Committee is a working Taxi driver.

Membership to the United Cabbies Group is only available to Green (All London)  and Yellow (Suburban) badge licensed London taxi drivers.

We are a democratically run organisation that operates under a ‘One badge – One vote’ system for every full member.

Our membership offers the best value for money available in the Taxi trade at just £15 per month & is fully tax deductable. Membership includes 24 hour Comprehensive Legal Protection with accompanying policy document, Membership Card, Rule Book & Welcome Gift Pack. Any monies received will be used exclusively to fight for the benefit of the Taxi Trade!

We seek to resolve the taxi trades problem’s with either dialogue or militant action voted for by the majority verdict of our membership.


The objectives of the UCG shall be to:-

  • Carry on for the benefit of our members the business as a bona fide association of Licensed London Taxi drivers.
  • Provide advice and assistance to members in connection with any matters  relating to their occupation as a Licensed London Taxi driver.
  • Recruit, support and represent Licensed London Taxi drivers only.
  • Protect the interests, livelihoods, earning capabilities and improve working  conditions of our members and to promote the Licensed London Taxi trade to the general public.
  • Raise funds via membership subscriptions to finance the work of the UCG in protecting the interests of our members and to open a bank account to manage such funds.
  • Campaign on issues that directly affect our members and the Licensed London Taxi Trade in a strong pro-active manner. We seek to resolve the issues affecting the Taxi trade with either dialogue or direct action voted for by the majority verdict of the membership.
  • Act as a pressure group and take any form of action that is lawful, which is necessary to achieve the objectives of the UCG.
  • Enter into discussions and correspondence with bodies associated directly or indirectly with matters affecting the membership and the Licensed London Taxi trade.
  • Provide a legal protection scheme for subscribing members.
  • Produce a trade publication, namely “United Cabbies News” (UCN) on a periodical basis and report within issues that directly affect our members and the Licensed London Taxi trade.
  • Do all such other lawful things as are necessary to further the objectives of the UCG.
  • Work closely with other trade and non trade groups who share our grievances and exchange information, advice and knowledge with them where appropriate.
  • Promote unity within the Taxi trade irrespective of age, sex, ethnicity, religion or political view.


The United Cabbies Group will actively campaign for the following:-

  • Demand that LTPH scrap all PH Satellite offices and ban clipboard operators until such time that the authorities can guarantee that they operate within the remit of their licensing conditions.
  • To demand that the authorities enforce the law regarding the illegal practices of Private Hire drivers and operators.
  • Lobby to significantly increase the number of enforcement officers in London at the times when they are most needed.
  • Insist on our inclusion in all meaningful trade discussions, consultations and negotiations without unfair and unreasonable pre-conditions.
  • Campaign for a democratically elected Taxi trade representative on the board of Transport for London.
  • Call for 100% Access for Licensed London Taxis to all bus lanes.
  • Campaign to keep Private Hire vehicles OUT of all bus lanes.
  • Our Insistence that Licensed Taxi drivers are afforded a reasonable amount of time to stop and answer the call of nature, as is a basic human right and health issue without fear of persecution by local council and TfL parking enforcement.
  • Support a total ban on rickshaws/pedicabs from the streets of London.
  • Continue our fight for 100% access to the Olympic Route Network and ZIL lanes and oppose any fare increase during the games period.