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At the UCG Demonstration held at Windsor House on the 26th May 2015 Mr D a Knowledge Boy was stopped by the Police in Victoria Street, the Police Officer informed Mr D that in his opinion his back tyre was seriously under inflated, and when tested the Police claimed that they found reading of 7 to 7.5 when the legal pressure was 28-30.

Mr D informed the Police that he had carried out a check on his bike before he made his way to the Demo and everything had been fine, he also stated that the bike felt fine when being driven and therefore he was not aware that there was a problem with the tyre. You would have thought at this point that the Police would have used some common sense, and accepted that whatever had caused the slow puncture had happened recently, and that would have been the end of the matter.

But Mr D received a fixed penalty notice for a defective tyre 3 points and a £60 fine.

Luckily for us the whole incident was recorded by Mr B a Cab Driver who was also attending the demo, this recording ultimately proved vital.

When we heard that Mr D had been nicked at the Demo, we managed to make contact with him the next day and offered him our full support, he informed us that he had not been officially notified yet and that he was also a KB Member of another Trade Org and he will speak to them.

A few weeks later Mr D contacted us informing us he had received a fixed penalty notice for 3 points and £60, and that he had contacted his Trade Org and all they could do for him was pay the fine, but he would have to take the points. Mr D was not happy with this offer.

We immediately put Mr D in contact with our Solicitors, who are Motoring Offence Specialists and asked them to do whatever they could do and we would cover ALL charges.

Ultimately Mr D attended Court at the end of last week, where our Barrister got the case thrown out on a legal technicality and the UCG were awarded full costs.

If this argument had not worked we had arranged for Mr D to be filmed trying to drive the same bike with the tyre inflated at 7.5, which proved beyond any doubt that the tyre was flat and the bike was completely not driveable.

We cannot thank Mr B enough; he filmed the whole matter on the day, and also sat in Court as a possible witness for 4 hours, without his film the legal argument which won the day would not have been possible.

Steve Mepham

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