Mar 15

UCG statement re Crowd Funding

The United Cabbies Group and Save Our Taxis

The UCG has pledged £5000 to the Save Our Taxis crowd funding appeal, this money was pledged when the appeal first started, in fact we were the first Trade Organisation to pledge, and yet for the 3rd time we feel a need to issue a statement to this fact.

Crowd Funding UK charge between 6% to 8% depending on what method you are paying, we decided as an organisation that we would avoid the charges of £300 plus and would pay Save Our Taxis direct as and when required. Artemis and others associated with Save Our Taxis are fully aware of this fact

Statements are being made on twitter about the UCG by certain individuals who are closely associated with the Save Our Taxis Group suggesting / implying that the UCG have not pledged. You will have to make your own minds up as to why these individuals are choosing behaving in this way.

Steve Mepham


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