Jan 19

Crowd Funding The Legal Action

Today saw the launch of an attempt to crowd fund legal action against Transport for London; this action will be focusing predominately on TFL’S decision to issue an Operators Licence to UBER.

The UCG have been convinced for a long time that any legal action taken by the Trade should be against TFL as a failed Regulator and that UBER were just a symptom of that Poor Regulator. As a result early last Year the UCG held meetings with Francis Hoare QC who had just successfully removed the corrupt Mayor of Tower Hamlets Lutfur Rahman. This legal action was crowd funded which seemed like the only realistic way the Trade would ever be able to take on TFL. Due to delays and initial costs that would have not been crowd funded this project seemed to doe on its feet.

We were then invited by the LTDA and LCDC to attend meetings to discus another possible Crowd Funding venture, Artemis and Saveourtaxis were part of this group, after many months and several meetings just after Xmas I was informed that the QC had decided that the Legal Action would be aimed solely at the decision by TFL to issue a licence to UBER, I was not comfortable with this decision and notified the rest of the Group about my reservations.

As a result an Emergency Committee meeting was held where it was ultimately decided that the UCG would fully support the intended Crowd Funded legal action, and we would ask that all Drivers do the same.

We will be balloting our Members about making a Pledge / Donation to the fund in the next day or so.


Steve Mepham


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