Apr 18

‘Enough is Enough’ by Umble cabbie

On the 21st of April, Oxford Street will see a UCG demo entitled Enough is Enough. All cab drivers are welcome.

The UCG has invited other orgs and unions to show support for this demo.
The demonstration has been called by Trevor Merralls who is the UCG campaign manager.

This demonstration was born out of the frustration that a lot of drivers are feeling.
We all went through years of the knowledge, missing time with our family and friends so we could become one of the elite, the best in the world.
Since the Olympics, we’ve seen a steady erosion of our business.

TFL are responsible for satellite offices, clip board johnnies and no enforcement despite what Peter Hendy says- quoting figures plucked out of thin air.

We all know there is no enforcement in the west end on any night of the week, which is infested with minicabs unhindered by compliance officers or the police.

Every Tom, Dick and Harry minicab outfit has got e-hail.

We are being deregulated by the back door ENOUGH is ENOUGH.

TFL have been described by a GLA report as being a woefully inadequate regulator of the Taxi and private hire trade.

One man is responsible for TFL. In his seven years as mayor Boris Johnson has been an abject failure. God help Uxbridge.

Most cab drivers see themselves as ambassadors of this great city and quite frankly it’s become an embarrassment.

Johnson and TFL have to go.

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