Apr 10

SACK BORIS : A Sack Boris campaign is being launched.

All of the improper decisions and strategies in relation to the London Taxi trade are ultimately made by Boris Johnson.
He has implemented an improper and unlawful Taxi Age Limit.

The Mayor of London submitted a written report to the Environmental Audit Committee Air Quality Inquiry in 2011 confirming that a new Euro 5 vehicle would create 5 times as much NO2 as a 15 year old vehicle.

He then implemented the London taxi age limit scrapping the less polluting 15 year old taxis falsely claiming it would reduce pollution.

His Tory buddy Tim Yeo had to resign after a messy conflict of interest scandal.
This whole issue has been at great cost to thousands of Taxi Drivers and it looks certain that a new 10year age limit could be imposed to boost sales of unaffordable range extended electric vehicles from Boris’s Chinese mates.

During his 7 year tenure as Mayor he has allowed the issuance of tens of thousands of Private Hire Licenses, (some estimates say there are now 100,000 Private Hire vehicles in London).

At the same time he has failed to enforce Private Hire regulations meaning that many vehicles are operating like a Taxi, but without any regulation and without the same overheads that taxi drivers are forced to pay ie artificially inflated vehicle costs etc.

The Mayor has also said he believes that the Uber payment method constitutes a meter, which therefore means that he accepts it is not legal yet he has taken absolutely no action against it.

The ONLY way that there will be any change if there is a Mayor in place who will take proper action.

The ONLY way this will happen is if the taxi trade takes immediate direct action with a clear objective; Sack Boris.

The GLA have no statuturoy power over the Mayor or TFL, and neither do the Government.
The current GLA Transport Committee report says all the right things but there is no method to force the Mayor or TFL to do anything.

One option of direct action will be flash demos on a daily basis simultaneously at multiple locations , ideally roundabouts.

A few taxis staying on a roundabout for 10 minutes will create significant attention across London which the media will report.

They will ask why Taxi Drivers are protesting and what it is about.

Boris Johnson will then face a tough choice; resign immediately or risk ongoing protests in the run up to the election which could mean that he loses in Uxbridge and does not become an MP.

We know that he no longer cares about being Mayor of London; he has spent most of his time recently campaigning for the election to be an MP with ambitions for higher office.

If the Mayor resigns or is sacked there will need to be an immediate Mayoral election.

The taxi trade will be able to vote for a Mayor who gives guaranteed commitments to make the changes required at TFL.

It is unlikely that a new Mayor could make the situation any worse than it already is but there is every chance that a new Mayor could make changes for the better.

Will Taxi Drivers support a Sack Boris Campaign?

It seems that there are many other groups who may support this campaign including a group of very active social housing protesters.

Cabbies Against Boris




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