Mar 12

License Renewals

UCG – Fighting For You All
Licence Renewal Woes
A major problem confronting UCG member’s, and it appears, the whole trade at the moment, is the issue of License/bill renewals The system has been changed yet again, and as a result some drivers have found themselves unable to work as their current licences have expired and a new/renewed licence has not been issued. It would seem that the new licensing/renewal centre in Sheffield is not fit for purpose, Telephones ring out unanswered and emails are ignored.
For a Licensed London Black Cab Driver to find himself unable to work is a disgrace, and in our opinion unlawful, and as a result we have now instructed lawyers to look at what recourse we have against TFL including the possibility of a Judicial Review and some form of class action seeking compensation and damages
We personally believe this problem is huge, but because people are members of different organisations or not a member of any, TFL are getting away with murder. We are therefore prepared to act as collating centre for cases for ALL Cab Drivers caught up in this TFL created mess. The more information we have the more chance any legal action will have of succeeding.
If you have been a victim of this mess or are currently unable to work whether a UCG member or not, please email us on renewals@ucglondon.org.uk your details in the strictest confidence or call us on 020 7 100 35206

UCG – Fighting For You

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