Feb 18

UCG – Fighting For You


United Cabbies Group – Its Business as usual !

As most of you are aware, over the past few months the UCG has seen some major changes to its management setup. These changes came about due to illness and family commitments. The remaining Committee members have spent time re-organising the Group while looking after the day to day organisational running.
The Members legal scheme, which we believe is one of the best available within the industry, remains intact. Coupled with our own hands on experience and expertise of dealing with the day to day problems confronting Cab Drivers we have managed to resolve most issues to the members satisfaction.
Although we have not been in the limelight recently we have been very busy in the background, still dealing with the problems that confront our members on a daily basis. Extensive representations have also been made to the Law Commission and we will continue lobbying and monitoring this ongoing situation.
Looking to the future, we will be looking to build contacts within the trade; we will also be working hard to notify the media TV, radio, national and local press, etc of the problems that our trade faces on a daily basis and the Wild West lawlessness that TFL choose to turn a blind eye to.
In the very near future meetings will be called for the purpose of electing new committee members and confirming those still acting, if this is something you feel you would be interested in getting involved in why not give us a call on 020 7100 5206




UCG – Still Fighting For You

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