Nov 15

Victoria Station taxi rank – late night marshals

Following the relocation of the taxi rank at Victoria Station to Hudson’s Place there have been problems with Gatwick Express passengers who arrive at the station between 12.30am and 4.30am accessing the new taxi rank.

To help ensure that Gatwick Express passengers reach the new taxi rank between 12:30am and 04:30 marshals are now in place at the station forecourt and Little Ben Island to direct passengers from the station to Hudson’s Place.

The marshals started work on Monday 5 November and have been successfully directing passengers to the Hudson’ Place taxi rank. The marshals will be in place whilst additional signage from the station to the taxi rank in Hudson’s Place is prepared and installed.

Taxi drivers should use the taxi rank in Hudson’s Place late at night so as Gatwick Express passengers being directed there can get a taxi.

The attached notice (14/12) shows the location of the new taxi rank in Hudson’s Place and also the feeder ranks for this.

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