Nov 13

Remembrance Day 2012

On Sunday 11th November 2012, the United Cabbies Group once again organised a Free Taxi Shuttle Service to take all our war veterans, their helpers and families to the Cenotaph in London’s Whitehall.

For the 3rd year in succession our marshals were at most of London’s stations, the Victory Services Club and the Union Jack Club, ready to transport our heroes arriving for the Memorial Service to their destination free of charge.

And once again the world’s best Taxi drivers turned up in their droves willing to offer their services. This was the scene at 8am at the Victory Services Club in Seymour Street W2.

And it was a similar story at the Union Jack Club and all the the other stations. This mobilty impaired passenger at Waterloo was delighted to be taken to the Cenotaph by London’s finest.

This years service was even bigger and better than the 2 previous years with approximately 250 cabs involved covering over 1000 journeys.

Since the UCG stepped in to help after Transport for London badly let down our war heroes by closing a large part of the Underground network on Remembrance Day, this Free Taxi Shuttle Service has grown bigger every year with more and more drivers willing to give up their time and show their gratitude to those that fought for our freedom.

And once again when all the war veterans and their familes were transported to the Cenotaph the UCG Marshals and the drivers made their way to Westminster Bridge where the police had cordoned off a special waiting are for the Taxis.

For some strange reason Transport for London decided this year that Westminster Bridge would be open to traffic. This was something they have never done before and was in stark contrast to their usual strategy where they have no qualms about shutting down Central London for all manner of sporting events and demonstrations.

Strange one that!

Their original plan was to hide all the Taxis away in Storeys Gate, but after a series of meetings with the Police and TfL we convinced them that there was only one place that could accommodate the vast number of Taxis who do care about our veterans, and that was Westminster Bridge.

As an added bonus this year we had also arranged for a couple of vintage Taxis to be there. As the sun shone this was a perfect tribute to our veterans who would have no doubt ridden in cabs such as these way back in 1934.

We would like to say a big thank you to Doug Cheshire for supplying these wonderful cabs and making the day extra special.

As Big Ben struck 11 and London descended into silence you could feel the pride amongst the cab drivers. Once again many of them have told us that this was definitely the most humbling and gratifying time as a Taxi driver and they can’t wait to do it again next year.

If you haven’t taken part in this free shuttle service… You don’t know what you’re missing!

And once again after the service was finished we took all the veterans and their families and helpers back again.

The comments and thanks we received whilst loading the cabs up were superb and it’s a fantastic feeling to know that the London Taxi trade is still very much appreciated by those who fought for this country.

We would like to say a big thank you to Mike Hughes who was once again instrumental in organising this service, to Cabgeeza & Dizzy from the UCG Committee for organising the marshals, to the marshals themselves for doing such a splendid job, to the Knowledge boys who gave up their time to marshal (we look forward to you joining our ranks) and last but definitely by no means least…

The many hundreds of drivers who provided this service and who keep this great city moving day after day, night after night 24/7/365.

You really are the world’s best!

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