Sep 04

A Mayor that cares!

New York, like London is one of the world’s leading cities, and like London it has it’s own world renowned iconic Taxi service.

NY’s Yellow Taxis are as famous throughout the world as London’s black Taxis and are the only vehicles permitted to ply for hire and respond to passenger hails on the street.

Both cities are of similar size with London having approximately 100,000 Licensed Taxis, Private Hire and unlicensed touts. New York has a similar number of Yellow Taxis, Black Cars and Limousines.

Both cities have problems with illegal touting and both have Enforcement Departments to try and combat this.

But that is where the similarity ends…

New York has over 400 Enforcement officers (Taxi & Limousine Commissioners) and as the recent report below from the New York Times shows they have just taken on another 50 officers.

London has just… 16 Enforcement Officers.

With over 350 reported rapes & sexual assaults in London in the past few years in Licensed & Unlicensed Private Hire vehicles it appears that only one of these 2 cities cares about the safety of it’s travelling public…

And it isn’t London!

New York has Mayor Bloomberg, a man with the will and desire to do something about the problems.

London has… Boris Johnson.

Get a Bloody Grip Man!

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