Monthly Archive: September 2012

Sep 27

The Suburban Workshop

On Monday 24th September 2012 LTPH held a Suburban Workshop Review at Palestra. The United Cabbies Group were in attendance at this workshop. Here is the summary supplied by LTPH.

Sep 22

Appeal to find missing Taxi driver.

Appeal 1

Sep 13

What did you get out of the Olympics Guv’nor?

“Avoid Central London, road closures, find an alternative route…” How many times did we read that from all around the country and travelling to work in the cab in the last three months? More to the point what happened when our adoring public wanted to come to London to spend their hard-earned wedge in the …

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Sep 04

A Mayor that cares!

New York, like London is one of the world’s leading cities, and like London it has it’s own world renowned iconic Taxi service. NY’s Yellow Taxis are as famous throughout the world as London’s black Taxis and are the only vehicles permitted to ply for hire and respond to passenger hails on the street. Both …

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