Aug 10

£20M Down the Drain!

Earlier today on LBC radio presenter Julia Hartley-Brewer asked TfL’s Surface Transport Director Leon Daniels what the cost of implementing the ORN was, but Leon arrogantly refused point blank to answer her.

Leon seems to forget that this is not his money, but was paid for by the Olympic Delivery Authority which is funded by the tax payer.

It has since been revealed that the true cost of implementing the Olympic Route Network was a staggering £20 Million undertaken by a Staffordshire company who have stated that it is the biggest contract they have ever had.

It has now also come to light that only 40% of the Games Lanes are actually active at any one time which has led to some media commentators claiming that the temporary ORN was not neccessary in the first place and has been a complete waste of public money.

Whilst London’s drivers have been stuck in the traffic gridlock along these routes many of these Zil lanes have sat there virtually empty.

These Games lanes along with a whole host of banned left & Right turn restrictions have seriously hampered the Taxi trade’s ability to operate, and Transport for London’s scaremongering telling people to stay away from London has left the trade in economic meltdown.

Leon Daniels arrogant attitude towards London’s taxpayers has now led to calls for his resignation.

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