Aug 01

Games Lanes Update… MEETING CANCELLED!

Following the 3 recent demonstrations held in protest at the Taxi trade’s exclusion from the Olympics Games Lanes, we are pleased to announce that representatives from the UCG will meet with LOCOG/ODA/TfL officials at 2pm this afternoon (Weds 1st August 2012) to discuss/review the current situation.

It was agreed at the second meeting which took place on 18th June that a review would take place one week after the Games Lanes became operational.

Following comments from Mayor Boris Johnson that the lanes are being massively underused by Olympic family vehicles, it is clear that the modelling carried out by TfL is clearly flawed, therefore we are hopeful that commonsense will prevail and futher concessions will be granted.

We will let you know the outcome.

United Cabbies Group

We have just received to following unsigned email from TfL.

Dear Lee,

I am very sorry for the short notice but due to unforeseen circumstances it has become necessary to cancel the meeting that we had scheduled at 2pm today between TfL, LOCOG, ODA and yourselves.

Unfortunately key attendees that were due to attend are now unable to make it.

Once again I apologise for the short notice and the inconvenience this may cause.

Kind regards

Transport for London – London Taxi and Private Hire

More Lies and broken promises from TfL. This is the comtempt that Peter Hendy and Leon Daniels hold the Licensed London Taxi trade in.

We will soon be posting exactly why we think this is so.

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