Jul 17

Forthcoming UCG Parliament Sq Demonstration.

As we are sure you are aware, the first of our planned demonstrations against the Taxi trade’s exclusion from the Olympic games lanes begins this afternoon (Tuesday) at 2pm in Parliament Square.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support in getting our message across to the media and general public.

TV and Radio stations are alive with stories about the games lanes and the UCG has had more than its fair share of airtime over the weekend, we believe that we really do have the sympathy of the media and Londoners in general over this issue.

Make no mistake TfL are seriously under pressure and we must not let them off the hook, the support we are getting from drivers out on the ranks is phenomenal and we are confident there will be a substantial number in attendance, the bigger the turnout, the louder the message we send to TfL, LOCOG & the ODA.

It would appear that TfL are so worried about this demo that they resorted to issuing a threatening PCO notice on Friday evening in an attempt to scare drivers away from the demo.

We would like to assure drivers that the UCG have been liaising with the police regarding the demonstration and we have obtained full permission to stage the demo at the locations stated in UCN7 and on posters around the city.

We would like to remind drivers that the worlds media will be in attendance and we should always conduct ourselves in the professional manner that the London Taxi trade is so famous for.

Please abide with any instructions given to you by police officers at all times.

Due to the sensitive location of the demonstration it is wise to remain in your cabs.

The UCG would like to reiterate that our aim is to gain full access to ALL games lanes.

We look forward to seeing you all at Parliament Square at 2pm today.

United Cabbies Group

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