Jun 09

UCG Get ‘No Right Turn’ from Kings Cross Scrapped.

After pressure from the UCG’s Ranks and Highways team concerning the “No Right Turn” when leaving King Cross Taxi rank, Camden Council carried out a safety review and have now asked Network Rail to remove the ‘No Right Turn’ sign completely.

As reported in the last issue of United Cabbies News we told how this fantastic new £500m Taxi ‘set down and pick up’ point had a flaw in the planning.

Council officials had originally stated the reasoning behind the sign was solely based on a cycle safety issue.

The UCG pointed out that the main body of cycles from North London travelling southbound actually use the cycle lanes provided on Midland Road.

We also explained that passengers wanting destinations north of the station are having to pay higher fares than is necessary as drivers divert, adding to congestion and pollution on the Euston road.

As no signs are in place at both set down points on Pancras Road, the cycle safety aspect didn’t seem to hold water.

Although we’ve been informed the sign is to be removed, we would advise drivers not to ignore the sign whilst it is still in place, as it is still enforceable.

The UCG would like to take this opportunity to thank the leader of Camden Council Sarah Hayward and Cllr Phil Jones for the time and effort they put in to resolve this issue.

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