Apr 16

Statement from the committee of the UCG regarding Addison Lee and London’s Bus Lanes.

It has now been confirmed that a communication from the Chairman of Addison Lee has been sent to all his drivers, inciting them to ignore London’s bus lane regulations and break the law.

Mr Griffin quite falsely states that he will indemnify his drivers from prosecution, something he cannot legally do.

The committee of the United Cabbies Group (UCG) have contacted Transport for London (TfL) and demanded Mr Griffin’s company have their license to operate as a private hire operator suspended immediately, and that they (TfL) enforce the bus lane regulations rigorously to prevent his drivers from putting public safety at risk.

The committee of the UCG are considering making a complaint to the Metropolitan police, as it is a criminal offence to incite people to break the law.

In a statement released earlier by the RMT London taxi Branch, Secretary Mike Tinnion stated he will be convening an all trade meeting to institute a campaign of direct action to preserve the trade’s interests both short and long term.

The Committee of the UCG on behalf of it’s members, will join with all trade groups and support any action deemed appropriate at such an all trade meeting.

Thank you.

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