Feb 14

“This is a jolly for elite people and we’ve all been mugged off here!”

On Monday 13th February 2012 on the Channel 4 programme DISPATCHES, Jonathan Myers the UCG spokesman featured to talk about the chaos that the Olympic Zil lanes will cause during the games, and how London’s Taxi drivers who are not allowed access to the lanes will suffer.

The programme entitled ‘Olympic Tickets for Sale’ initially reported how tickets for the Olympics were being denied to ordinary fans and only the rich could obtain them.

It then sensationally revealed that the ‘elite’ could then buy access to the Zil lanes, and not just to go to the events, but for the whole duration of the games to go shopping etc or wherever they please.

So not only are ordinary Londoners denied watching any events, they will also be penalised from travelling around the city, whilst the fatcats and freeloaders fly past without delay.

The United Cabbies Group have been the only Taxi trade organisation actively campaigning for London Taxis to have access to the lanes with a series of flash demonstrations at various locations in London.

Both these demonstrations were organised at short notice using our text message service. We demand 100% access to the Olympic Route Network, and these demonstrations will continue until our demands are met.

The Olympic Games start with the opening ceremony on 27th July 2012, and if the organisers do not want the games to make the headlines for the wrong reasons they had better think again about excluding London’s Taxis.

If you are a London Taxi driver and you would like to be added to our text database to receive information and text alerts, or to join the UCG as a Full Member and receive the best legal protection in the London Taxi trade, just click the ‘Membership’ tab.

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