Jan 06

Euston… We had a problem!

Over the past few weeks there have been problems for Taxi drivers at Euston Station with regards to a new Pick Up Point that has suddenly appeared just in front of the Set Down Point.

Station staff in their wisdom decided to erect new railings and signage around this area to make it an official ‘Disabled Pick Up Point’, unfortunately the new signage they chose to display did not make it clear that this pick up point was for mobilty impaired passengers only.

This led to some confusion amongst Taxi drivers with most pulling onto the original rank downstairs, but some stopping and ranking upstairs at the new rank. Tensions were rising between drivers who had waited for a job for anything upto 45 minutes downstairs, whilst watching the drivers upstairs pick up and get off almost immediately.

Following reports of arguments and confrontations between cabbies, the United Cabbies Group decided that this situation must be resolved before things escalated into something more serious, so we arranged a meeting with the station management to alert them to the problems that this new area was causing.

UCG officers met with the Station Interface Manager Colin Walker where we explained that although the intentions were good, the implementation of this scheme was wrong, and the signs made it unclear to both passengers and drivers alike as to where they should wait to be picked up.

We explained to him that before too long cab drivers would not bother to rank downstairs and would start ranking upstairs and the queue of Taxis would soon spill out on to Melton street.

Colin acknowledged the problem and agreed that there should be better signage that states clearly that this new area was for disabled pick ups only, as has always been the norm.

He has told us that he will be adding the word ‘Mobility’ to the signs over the next few weeks, and he will also be painting a wheelchair symbol on the floor.

He also plans to instruct the staff that usually marshal the downstairs rank during busy periods to work upstairs at this new area after the rush has died down.

Until these changes have been made we ask all Taxi drivers to treat your fellow colleagues with respect and only pick up mobility impaired passengers from the upstairs rank.

We would like to thank Colin Walker for his understanding, and we hope that things return to normal as soon as possible.

United Cabbies Group – We move whilst the others snooze!

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