Monthly Archive: January 2012

Jan 27

A Victory for Commonsense!

LTPH Director John Mason recently issued this PCO Notice 01/12 Taxi Driver License Checker. In December 2011, Transport for London arbitrarily decided without any consultation whatsoever with the Taxi trade to make available on their website a section where a driver’s badge number could be entered and the full name of that driver would be …

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Jan 19

Euston Station…Problem Resolved!

Thanks to the work done by the United Cabbies Group, the recent problem at Euston Station where the wrong signage was used has now been resolved. After liaising with the Station’s Interface Manager Colin Walker we explained the problem and he agreed to act on our concerns. And true to his word Colin Walker has …

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Jan 06

Euston… We had a problem!

Over the past few weeks there have been problems for Taxi drivers at Euston Station with regards to a new Pick Up Point that has suddenly appeared just in front of the Set Down Point. Station staff in their wisdom decided to erect new railings and signage around this area to make it an official …

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