Nov 15

Remembrance Sunday 2011 – Proud as Punch.

On Sunday 13th November the United Cabbies Group organised the second Remembrance Sunday Free Shuttle Service to take all the veterans and their friends, family and helpers to the Cenotaph in London’s Whitehall.

After the success of last year’s event we decided to expand the operation to more of London’s stations.

Our marshals were in attendance from 8am at Waterloo Stn, Paddington Stn, Marylebone Stn, Liverpool St Stn, Kings Cross Stn, Victoria Coach Stn, The Union Jack Club and The Victory Services Club.

And with more stations covered, we of course needed more Taxi drivers, and boy did they turn up!

This was the scene at Waterloo Station at 8am when the Taxis started to arrive, and they just kept on coming until every veteran had been whisked away.

And soon after the veterans started to arrive dressed in their uniforms displaying their shiny medals.

There were some great characters amongst them and they were very grateful to London’s Taxi drivers for this free service. It is the least we can do for these heroes.

This service wasn’t just restricted to veterans either, there were many current servicemen and women who were given the special treatment by London’s finest.

After everybody was on their way, the Taxis made their way to Westminster Bridge where the police had allocated a special waiting area for us.

And it was a fantastic sight to see just how many Taxi drivers had given up their sunday morning to take part in this Free Shuttle Service.

Approximately 200 cabs in total filled Westminster Bridge, which was more than double last years. This was a great opportunity for the drivers to stand around and chat.

As Big Ben chimed 11am, all the cab drivers lined up to observe the 2 minute silence to pay respect to all those who gave their lives for this country.

The sun was shining and the atmosphere was superb as London’s finest turned up to show their gratitude to our heroes.

After the service, the concrete blocks were removed and the second part of the operation was underway.

Our marshals were again on hand to direct the vets to the waiting Taxis, load them up and whisk them away to their destinations.

The vets had come from far and wide to be there with this group travelling all the way from Belfast.

It was a fantastic day with many drivers saying how brilliant they felt being able to show their gratitude to those who fought for our freedom.

The UCG would like to thank everybody who showed up to help, and a big well done to the UCG marshals who did a sterling job.

Special thanks must go to Mike Hughes who was instrumental in the organising of this event. Mike Liaised with the British Legion who were celebrating their 90th year, and arranged various pick ups for the vets who were unable to make it to the stations. He also took one vet all the way home to Brighton.

The smile says it all…

And big thanks must go to the UCG’s own Mr Cabgeeza who organised all the marshals.

We would also like to say thanks to Headlong and Fitzy for the great photos, and to the Westminster Park Plaza Hotel who supplied free Tea, Coffee and Muffins for anyone wearing a poppy.

We look forward to next year.

One sad point from the day, this was the first Remembrance Day service at the Cenotaph where no veterans from the first world war were in attendance.

Time moves on eh!

Message from John Mason Director of T&PH…

“I’m was obviously very impressed to see that yet again taxi drivers had given up their Sunday to provide this service to those wanting to attend the services in London.



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