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Trafalgar Square – Mass Trade Demonstration

The United Cabbies Group has called for a MASS DRIVE-IN DEMONSTRATION at Trafalgar Square on Wednesday 9th of November 2011 @ 4pm.

We feel this action, as unanimously voted for by our members is necessary to STOP Transport for London destroying the Licensed London Taxi trade and endangering the safety of the travelling public.

Transport for London and The PCO are just laughing at each and every one of us! This Private Hire Consultation was TfL’s big chance to slay the monster that they have created and they have failed miserably. Satellite Offices continue to spring up everywhere with ranks of illegal minicab touts facilitated by TfL denying us our legitimate right to ply for hire. A right that you and I sacrificed precious years of our lives with hard graft and toil to obtain, and the Authorities have just sold it to anyone who can stump up the cost of a Private Hire License. We will not put up with this any longer! Now, more than ever is the time to stand together & fight!

Our 350 year old World Famous Taxi industry is under threat like never before. Treacherous Civil Servants who are nothing more than Merceneries are trying to wipe us out! Are we going to let them? Or are we going to stand up to them? Apathy is NOT an option any more!

If we as a trade do not turn out in force, be in no doubt that TfL will accelerate their agenda that is crippling our trade.

If you are going to attend one demo in your lifetime…
make it this one because this could be our last opportunity!

No Excuses – Add this date to your diary now!

If you are a dayman, stay out longer. If you are a nightman, come in earlier, just make sure you are there!
If EVERY Taxi driver attends this demo, make no mistake, TfL will be left quaking in their boots and will be shamed into action! A couple of hours of your time is all it will take to safeguard our future.

United Cabbies Group Press Release Statement

The United Cabbies Group has called for a Mass Drive-In Demonstration of Taxis at Trafalgar Square on Wednesday 9th November 2011 at 4pm.

Following a series of UCG demonstrations in 2010, Transport for London announced they were to undertake a Private Hire Consultation to address the serious issue of rapes and sexual assaults in Licensed and Unlicensed minicabs in London. 2010 alone saw a 54% increase in these crimes, bringing the total to over 350 in the last 3 years.

Approximately 2 attacks per week are committed in these vehicles which we feel are mainly due to the creation of Satellite Offices, under the Safer Travel at Night Agenda (STaN).

Many of the original proposals put forward by TfL received the support of the Taxi trade, but in the final outcome most of these were subsequently dropped.

We find this inexplicable and feel that this shows the utter contempt that TfL holds for both the London Taxi trade and the travelling public alike.


Londoners are being put at risk by the lack of concern shown by TfL and in particular their Transportation Commissioner, choosing instead to dogmatically push through the Safer Travel at Night agenda regardless, which has been shown to be grossly flawed in both its application and interpretation, as well as contravening Hackney carriage Law which clearly states that Private Hire vehicles must NOT wait to be hired in view of the public.

TfL astonishingly employ only 7 dedicated night time officers to enforce 62,000 Private Hire, and 24,000 Licensed Taxis and we believe this is another contributing factor towards the high number of attacks.

Our concerns have been underpinned by TfL’s Director of Taxis and Private Hire in a comment he recently made in Private Hire & Courier Magazine where he said…

“At the moment, I cannot give an assurance that an applicant for a private hire driver’s licence has never done anything wrong and hasn’t been arrested for a sex attack or violence and never been charged. And this worries the hell out of me.” PH&C Magazine August 2011

TfL have consistently refused to listen to our concerns, but rather chooses to play one side of the Taxi trade off against the other by validating only those organisations within our trade that are prepared to ignore the issues because of the accreditation and approval they receive from TfL.

We at the United Cabbies Group find this wholly unacceptable and are left with no choice but to resume our protests.

The decision to call for this action, as unanimously voted for by our members was not taken lightly, and is the result of the refusal of Transport for London to take our concerns seriously and officially engage with us.

The United Cabbies Group regrets the disruption that this will inevitably cause to Londoners, but we refuse to stand on the side-lines any longer and watch helplessly as these rapes and sexual assaults in unbooked minicabs continue to take place.

This demonstration will be the next in a series of demonstrations until TfL properly address our concerns, because we believe TfL behaves more like a private corporation than a public body funded by the tax payer to the tune of nearly £10 billion per annum. It should also be noted that 379 of its employees are paid more than £100,000 per year.

We are calling for the reopening of the Private Hire Consultation, a Public Enquiry into the running of Transport for London, and We demand that the Director of Licensed Taxis & Private Hire (LTPH) allows representatives from the United Cabbies Group to attend meetings with them as it does with the other trade representatives – without the pre-conditions that other trade representatives do NOT have to agree to.

For further information you can contact our spokesperson on…

Jonathan 07890 696764

Thank you,
United Cabbies Group.

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