Sep 15

Mayor’s Question Time

The United Cabbies Group recently had a series of meetings with Caroline Pidgeon – Leader of the Liberal Democrat London Assembly Group, Chair of the London Assembly Transport Commitee and member of the Metropolitan Police Authority.

We took Caroline on a night time tour of the City and the West End to show her first hand the problems of touting.

Caroline witnessed for herself the many Private Hire vehicles parked illegally on red and yellow lines, bus stops, zig zag lines etc, blatantly┬ábreaking the law by being ‘ranked’ up waiting to be hired in full view of the public.

Whilst standing in Regent Street at the junction of Swallow St looking at a line of illegally parked minicabs we watched 2 police officers walk straight past the cars without batting an eyelid. A few moments later the same 2 policemen came back, so we stopped them and asked them why they were not doing anything about them.

They told us that they didn’t have a clue about Hackney Carriage Law and were unaware that the minicabs were doing anything illegal. After we informed them about this blatant lawbreaking and the security risks involved they immediately swung into action and moved all the vehicles off.

Where there’s a will there’s a way!

We then had a further meeting with Caroline at her office in City Hall where we gave her more information which allowed her to formulate a series of questions to ask Boris Johnson at Mayor’s Question Time.

At the meeting, Caroline’s assistant Laura Gilmore told us how she had been blatantly touted the night before in Covent Garden when a minicab driver approached her shouting “Taxi Taxi”. When she told him what he was doing was illegal he said “I don’t care, I do it all the time and nobody is going to stop me” before walking off to approach other people.

Here is the video of Caroline in action…

It is quite evident that the Mayor isn’t aware of half the problems that occur in London every night regarding Private Hire and their blatant law breaking, and is only being fed manipulated statistics by Transport for London.

Well thanks to Caroline Pidgeon and the United Cabbies Group that is now sure to change with the Mayor now saying he will go and find out what’s really going on out there.

Let’s see Peter Hendy try and keep this disguised with manipulated stats!

The United Cabbies Group would like to thank Caroline and her team for their help in raising this issue with the Mayor, and we look forward to working with them again soon.

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