Aug 23

Go Johnny Go…

Go Johnny Go… Forth and Multiply!

Addison Lee Lose Legal Challenge Appeal to get in Bus Lanes!

On Thursday 18th August 2011, Minicab Monkey John Griffin, boss of London’s largest second rate transport service provider Addison Lee lost his legal challenge appeal to get his minicabs into London’s bus lanes.

All week John Griffin had been pounding around his offices in William Rd NW1 with an arrogant grin as wide as the Thames (for the benefit of his drivers that’s the big wet thing that runs through the centre of the city), thinking his appeal was just a mere formality, and very soon his Sat-Nav reliant amateurs would be able to legally enjoy the benefits that London’s ‘real’ Taxis do.

Wrong Johnny Boy!

Griffin, who has spent the rest of the week shedding enough tears to fill the Thames (still that big wet thing in the middle of the city) must now go back to the drawing board and is bleating on about a judicial review saying “We are only seeking fairness, we demand the right to trade on a level playing field with our competitors”.

Well John, it’s quite simple, if you want a level playing field, get your drivers to do the Knowledge, and make all of your vehicles wheelchair accessible!

Then, and only then, can you begin to consider mentioning yourself in the same breath as us.

In the meantime, Griffin should concentrate on removing his cigarette adbins that he lost in his last legal challenge.

Jog on Johnny!

This news is sure to upset many Addison Lee account holders, including John Mason Director of TPH who will just have endure sitting in the traffic whilst the real Taxis fly past in the bus lanes.

Here’s a tip John… Take a proper Taxi and you would get home and be able to put your feet up quicker!

Another loser is the reporter from CITY AM website who wrote the article.

Harriet Dennys described John Griffin in her article as ‘Britain’s best known Taxi driver’. It was obviously holiday time at City Am and this ‘Office Junior’ was given the task of filling in whilst the real journalists were away.

Stick to making the tea love, you don’t know what you’re doing!

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