May 16

Ding Dong the Dowdye’s Gone!

Mary Dowdye has been given the boot?

TfL have dispensed with her services after the UCG revealed in our first issue of United Cabbies News that it was her decision to remove Satellite Office planning permission which has caused touting to spiral out of control and rapes and sexual assaults to rise by 54%.

The STaN agenda was having an successful impact on reducing the level of rapes and sexual assaults until Ms Dowdye implemented changes which resulted in devastating consequences.

Aswell as removing the need for planning permission, she also took away the need for records of minicab bookings to be kept on site, and many believe the impact of her actions has left countless women with their lives left in tatters forever!

Transport for London have recently come underfire regarding the licensing of wife killer Shamsul Haque who was issued a private hire license and subsequently deemed a fit and proper person to enrol on the Knowledge of London despite a long list of previous convictions including assaulting a police officer, assaulting his daughter and exposing himself in public.

It is believed that the person responsible for rubberstamping Shamshul Haque’s application was Mary Dowdye.

The United Cabbies Group are delighted to see the back of her and will certainly not be shedding any tears over her departure.

Goodbye & Good riddance!

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