May 10

The St Pancras Hotel

The newly opened St Pancras Hotel on Euston Road has become the focus of the United Cabbies Group’s attention recently due to a number of our members complaining to us that London’s Taxi trade was being prohibited from servicing this hotel.

The UCG management contacted the hotel to find out exactly why this is happening, and what their position is concerning the Taxi trade.

After initially being given the runaround by the management, we managed to speak to Salvatore the Head Concierge, and we made it clear to him in no uncertain terms that should this situation continue, we would have no option but to advise the Taxi trade to refrain from taking guests there, or at best setting them down in Pancras Rd and explaining to them exactly why they must walk the rest of the journey with their luggage.

We also made it clear that they can expect to see their forecourt full of London Taxis, along with the UCG Symphony Orchestra playing our own rendition of ‘Don’t you want me baby’ (very badly I might add) sometime in the near future.

Salvatore the Head Concierge very quickly decided that he was not a music lover, and told us that he will immediately instruct the Security staff there to allow London cabs to use the new 5 space Taxi rank.

He said the security were there to stop sightseers, and commuters who think that this is the entrance to the station. They obviously have been having trouble differentiating between a tourist with a camera and a large black piece of metal on wheels full of potential guests.

It seems that this ‘misunderstanding’ has now been cleared up, and they are looking forward to our services. so please do your best to put on at this hotel whenever you can.

Also, if you have any more problems at this hotel with the security, Salvatore has instructed us to inform him immediately, so should this happen please try and get a name, or better still a photo of the security guard and notify the UCG asap.

Thank you.

Fighting for the London Taxi Trade!

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