Monthly Archive: May 2011

May 26

Rapes and Sexual assaults in Unbooked Minicabs UP 14%!

Transport for London and the Metropolitan Police have just announced the latest figures for rapes and sexual assaults committed by Minicab drivers in unbooked vehicles. 111 offences took place in 2010 which in real terms is a 14% increase in the number of attacks recorded in 2008 where 98 women were sexually assaulted by predators …

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May 16

Ding Dong the Dowdye’s Gone!

Mary Dowdye has been given the boot? TfL have dispensed with her services after the UCG revealed in our first issue of United Cabbies News that it was her decision to remove Satellite Office planning permission which has caused touting to spiral out of control and rapes and sexual assaults to rise by 54%. The …

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May 15

UCN1… John Mason’s Email.

Director of Taxis & Private Hire, John Mason recently emailed The United Cabbies Group to complain about some of the content in the first edition of United Cabbies News (UCN). Mr Mason specifically asked that we print his comments in edition 2 of UCN, however due to the a lack of space we have decided …

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May 10

The St Pancras Hotel


The newly opened St Pancras Hotel on Euston Road has become the focus of the United Cabbies Group’s attention recently due to a number of our members complaining to us that London’s Taxi trade was being prohibited from servicing this hotel. The UCG management contacted the hotel to find out exactly why this is happening, …

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