Feb 11

Let them all hang their heads in shame!

On our recent demonstration at Oxford Circus, the United Cabbies Group handed out thousands of leaflets warning the public about the dangers of getting into a minicab that is lined up outside venues waiting to be hired.

On the leaflet we explained exactly why the CRB check is ineffective for people coming from other countries.

We wrote…

Dear member of the public, as you are aware London’s Taxi drivers are staging a drive-in demonstration today to highlight the appalling number of rapes and sexual assaults by licensed and illegal minicabs that are taking place in London at an alarming rate.

Transport for London have caused this problem by creating what’s known as ‘Satellite Offices’. These are nothing more than a man standing outside a club/bar/hotel etc with a clipboard, who approaches young men and women who have usually been drinking, and offers to get one of his minicabs to take them home. It is in these vehicles that these young people are being attacked, raped and sexually assaulted by the unscrupulous drivers who have had very little, if any, CRB (criminal record checks) before obtaining their licences. The only record that a young person has been in their car is the name of the passenger on a clipboard, and these predators are taking full advantage of this, safe in the knowledge that there is virtually no chance of them being identified and caught


John Mason then had the audacity to complain that we were telling lies about the CRB checks.

Well John, who’s lying now?

The recent sad story about a small child who was sexually abused whilst being escorted to school by a ‘TfL licensed’ foreign minicab driver who’s criminal record wasn’t checked out properly, but still was issued a license enabling him to commit this despicable crime just proves that everything we have been saying all along is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Will we now be receiving an apology from Mr Mason for calling us liars?

Don’t hold your breath!

Before the demonstration Mr Mason emailed the UCG to try to stop us taking to the streets.

In it he wrote…

‘In the first instance I would strongly suggest you carefully consider the value of undertaking any such demonstration. Given the stated reasons for the demonstration, TfL is firmly of the view that this action is wholly unnecessary, unwarranted and misjudged.’


Unnecessary to stop children being sexually abused?

Unwarranted because in TfL world these problems don’t exist and everything is ok?

And the only thing ‘misjudged’ about it is the fact that it was ONLY the UCG who were out there taking any action over this, when each and every one of the other trade organisations were invited to support us!


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