Feb 01

TfL – Not Fit For Purpose!

A Private Hire driver has been sentenced to an indeterminate prison sentence with a recommendation that he serve no less than two and a half years for sexually assaulting a boy he was taking to school.

The driver, employed by a minicab company hired by the London Borough of Camden, was given a clean record after checks had been made with the Criminal Records Bureau. It gave him an enhanced certificate giving him the green light to work with children.

What it had failed to uncover was that he had a list of criminal convictions overseas and had even been the subject of an arrest warrant.

A local government ombudsman report uncovered that the driver had been the subject of a CRB check in May 2006 – and was given a temporary license.

In August, the CRB apologised for delays in dealing with the check before an enhanced CRB certificate was issued in December.

Regulations insist all applicants for driving jobs have to state whether they have lived in any country other than the UK in the past two or three years and supply a “certificate of good conduct” from that country if they have. However, the report acknowledges that the residency question “relied upon the honesty of the applicant”.

Yes you did read that correctly…

“Relies upon the honesty of the applicant”

Ye gods what planet are these people on?

How many other sexual predators are driving around in minicabs because they’ve been ‘less than honest?’

This is exactly why a licence should not be issued until a FULL CRB check has been done, and why they should not be issued at all to anyone from any country where it is impossible to obtain the full truth about their background.

A young child has now has his life ruined forever because of Transport for London’s incompetence.

And this is more proof why they are…. NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE!

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