Nov 26

TfL – Taliban for London!

We’ve had Aeroplane Hijackers, Killers, Rapists and Sexual Predators, and just when you think you’ve seen it all…

We now have Taliban fighters driving minicabs in London!

What the hell is going on???

The Guardian have reported that there is a minicab driver from East London who works here for 9 months of the year transporting London’s unsuspecting public around, and spends the other 3 months in Afghanistan as a ‘Mid-level Taliban Commander’ trying to kill British Troops in Helmand Provence.


We assume this man has been licensed by TfL and the question that now must be asked is…

Is there anybody that they will not give a licence to?

They have made a complete sham of Private Hire licensing and The United Cabbies Group now demand that the Taxi trade is dis-associated with this authority and placed back under the control of the Metropolitan Police.

They can destroy this city but they will not bring down the world’s finest Taxi trade with them!

After our recent demonstration outside Palestra a senior ranking official at TPH had the audacity to say that the UCG and anyone who supports us wasn’t fit to hold a licence.

Well somebody in this game isn’t fit to do the job, but it certainly isn’t the Taxi drivers!

It takes an average of 3 years to pass the Knowledge of London and become a Licenced London Taxi driver. Along with learning all the streets and the points of interest on them, we are tested for our temprament, good character and a criminal record dating back to the day we turned 17 years old.

It takes a fraction of the time and a very basic topographical test, along with a CRB check that TPH admit in their recent Private Hire Consultation Document may not be ‘rigorous and thorough’ to obtain a minicab licence.

The document states…

‘Not all countries provide a Certificate of Good Conduct, and where provided the information is generally of less detail than that contained in the Enhanced CRB check. There is also concern that Certificates of Good Conduct from some countries may be not based on as thorough and rigorous checks as those checks conducted via the CRB process. This leaves a risk that Transport for London may not be aware of convictions or misconduct by people who have lived overseas.’

The manor in which TPH are operating amounts to a complete dereliction of duty!

Britain is in a state of heightend security with the top cop Met Police Commissioner Sir Paul Stephenson yesterday saying “This is undoubtedly as dangerous a time as we’ve seen for the UK since the attempted attacks on Glasgow Airport and Tiger Tiger Nightclub in the heart of London’s West End.”

Yet every night we still see lines of illegally parked minicabs outside Tiger Tiger and the authorities do absolutely nothing about it!

The Taxi trade have repeatedly told them about this and when the next bomb goes off they must be held entirely responsible!

Their shocking treatment of the war vets on Remembrance Day coupled with Taliban fighters being allowed to drive minicabs really does prove that Transport for London are not fit for purpose!

If the Yorkshire Ripper is ever released he need not worry about earning a few quid, TfL will see him alright!

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