Nov 17

Cabwise… The bits they forgot to mention!

Transport for London
Corporate Governance

Windsor House
42-50 Victoria St
London SW1H OTL

By email only: unitedcabbies@london.com

Date: 26 November 2010

Dear Sir/Madam


It has come to TfL’s attention that a clip has been posted on the website www.youtube.com (YouTube), entitled “Stop the Rapes Scrap the Satellites – united cabbies group” which directs viewers to the United Cabbies Group website, and which includes:

* Unlicensed use of copyright material, from the Safer Travel at Night campaign

* The false and misleading allegation that “Safer Travel at Night (STaN) campaign isn’t working”

TfL takes the posting of such material extremely seriously. TfL demands that you take this clip down from YouTube and any website on which it appears forthwith. TfL further requires that in future that you refrain from any similar unlawful use of copyright material, and the making of any false or misleading allegations about TfL.

All legal rights are reserved, including but not limited to those for damages for breach of copyright. Since the United Cabbies Group is not a corporate entity, the individuals responsible would be the defendants to any claim.

TfL will continue to monitor any actions and statements directed at TfL.

Yours faithfully

Felicity Morris
Head of Public Law
Transport for London

We have removed the video due to copyright issues, but the UCG stand by our opinion that Safer Travel at Night isn’t working.

This years Safer Travel at Night initiative was launched last night at Euston Station and it was reported that there were 62 sexual offences recorded between April and October.

That is an average of 10 per month, or at least 2 per week.

That doesn’t sound very ‘safe’ to us!

Leaders of the Safer Travel At Night scheme also said ‘women are still putting themselves in danger by getting into minicabs that line up outside pubs and clubs’.

So is that an admission that Satellite Offices are putting vulnerable passengers in peril?

It sounds like it to us!

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