Nov 05

Legalised Robbery!

The UCG recently sent a freedom of information (FOI) request to Westminster City Council (WCC) requesting the numbers of PCN’s issued to Private Hire Vehicles over the last year, Below is WCC’s reply:

Customer Relations
Westminster Parking Services
Head of Strategic Commissioning
City Management: Kevin Goad
This matter is being dealt with by:
Louis McIntosh
Date: 04 November 2010
Tel No: (020) 7641 1743
Fax no: (020) 7641 1744 Email:[email address]
My ref: FOI/6070

Dear Mr xxxxxxx

Freedom of Information Act 2000: Request for information

Thank you for your request for information that was logged on 25 October 2010. You have requested the following information:
Please could you provide me with the statistics showing how many PCNs have been issued to Licensed PH drivers over the last year?

In response to your request I can advise you of the following:

The council does not record as a category “Licensed PH drivers” during the serving of a PCN. We are also unable to reliably differentiate between private hire vehicles and Hackney Cabs. As such, the specific information you have requested is not held by the council for the purposes of Section 1(4) of the Freedom of information Act 2000.

Advice and Assistance

The CEO is required to enter the vehicle make, model, type etc when serving the PCN. In the case of Hackney Cabs, a limited amount of options are available; however, a private hire vehicle can be of any make or model. Although badges or licenses identifying a vehicle as being for private hire may be included in photographs, these are not recorded as data when serving the PCN.

However, given the parameters you have provided, we conducted a search for PCNs issued to Hackney Cabs based on the variants of make and model recorded by the CEO.

I can confirm that 1,957 PCNs were issued from 25 October 2009 to 25 October 2010 based on the above data.

This number is for PCNs served by on street CEOs and does not include charges served by CCTV. By default, no make, model or vehicle type is recorded on any PCNs served by CCTV.

The UCG says…

So there you have it, conveniently WCC do not not keep records of PH vehicles when issuing PCN’s.

Is this because they are turning a blind eye to the rows of illegally parked PHV’s that we see parked on almost every street in Westminster?

PHV’s are distinguishable by the green roundels and TFL stickers on the windscreen and rear windows, so why cant WCC log them as PHV’s when issuing PCN’s

There were 1957 tickets issued to licensed Taxi’s during this period, this proves that WCC are targeting Taxi’s attempting to conduct their every day business.

And let’s not forget that this figure is only the PCNs issued by wardens on foot, and does not include the many thousands issued by CCTV.

At approximately £60 per ticket, this equates to somewhere in the region of £120,000 extracted from the London Taxi trade in 1 year.

We at the UCG think this is an absolute disgrace, we urge all Licensed Taxi Drivers to attend the Drive-In demonstration at City Hall on Victoria Street tonight.

We are joining forces with the bikers NO to Parking Tax campaign, we are meeting in Vincent Square at 6.30pm, come and join us and voice you disproval at WCC.

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