Oct 26

Lawless London… By Dizzy

The Public Carriage Office (T&PH) recently released their Private Hire consultation document. On page 6 of the document it states…


‘Late Night Travel

Taxis and Private Hire vehicles provide important options for travel late at night, when rail and tube services are closed and bus services are more limited than in daytime. A number of Private Hire operators have established licensed operating centres in late night venues in order to serve this market.

An independent late night travel survey commissioned by TfL in early 2010 showed that 13% of journeys home after a night out were made by Taxi or minicab (7% in Taxis and 6% in booked PHVs) with an additional 5% in illegal cabs including unbooked PHVs’

So let’s break these figures down and see what they equate to…

There are approximately 24,000 Licensed Taxis and 50,000 PHVs.

Now let’s say that 10,000 Taxis work at night. A figure that I have taken a wild guess at, but not unrealistic.

Let’s say that each of these Taxis does approx 10 jobs per night. Again a wild guess but this time I feel a rather liberal one.

That equates to 100,000 Taxi journeys every night. According to the independent survey this represents 7%. Private Hire undertake 6% which equates to 85,700 journeys. This also means that illegal unbooked PHVs undertake approximately 71,500 journeys every night (5%).


And let’s not forget my figures are being liberal.

71,500 crimes being committed by touts EVERY NIGHT!

That’s 71,500 cars travelling without insurance.

71,500 fares without a penny in tax being paid!

This is a crimewave epidemic in anyone’s book.

So what are the Authorities doing about this?

Well for a start our Mayor Boris Johnson doubled the size of the enforcement squad assigned to deal with this problem to…

Wait for it… 68 officers.

68 officers!!!

And when you take into account shifts, holiday and sickness, we are lucky if we see half a dozen out there at any one time.

Over 74,000 licensed drivers and anybodys guess how many illegal touts just turn up with their cars to try and steal whatever they can get away with, and only half a dozen enforcement officers to regulate them.

And believe me they are getting away with it because 68 officers is an absolute joke.

But I’m not laughing!

Now let’s look at what these 68  robocops have been getting up to…
From June 2009 through to November 2009 they carried out 22 operations.

Not 2022, or even 222, just 22!

That is less than once a week!

Here are the dates as requested under the Freedom Of Information act…

. 02 June 2009

. 27 June 2009

. 28 June 2009 – this operation included Abacus and Smiths in Charterhouse St.

. 10 August 2009

. 05 July 2009 – this operation included Abacus

. 13 July 2009

. 28 August 2009

. 04 September 2009 – this operation included Nobu and Tiger Tiger

. 07 September 2009

. 11 September 2009 – this operation included Nobu and Tiger Tiger

. 18 September 2009 – this operation included Abacus

. 24 September 2009

. 25 September 2009

. 03 October 2009

. 07 October 2009

. 10 October 2009

. 15 October 2009

. 16 October 2009

. 17 October 2009 – this operation included Nobu and Tiger Tiger

. 22 October 2009

. 24 October 2009

. 03 November 2009

Whoopie Doo!
These venues are infested with touts hanging around the doors every night of the week.

I recently picked up a business lady from Abacus who seemed quite distressed when she got in. I asked if she was ok, and she said that she had been out to celebrate a colleagues leaving party, and had spent the last 20 minutes inside the venue deciding when would be the best time to exit and run the gauntlet of all the undesirable characters standing outside.

She then went on to tell me that she will now only ever use London Taxis because a few months earlier she had left Smiths Bar in Charterhouse St and the Clipboard Johnnie had put her in a car.

When they arrived at her address in Stoke Newington the driver asked her for £30. As she was searching her bag for the money he then put his hand on her knee and said he would waive the fare in return for a ‘sexual favour’.

She screamed, threw the £50 note she was holding and ran off terrified.

I told her she was one of the lucky ones who got away!
Anyway, back to these figures…

68 Officers is not now, or never will be anywhere near enough to police over 100,000 drivers.

Look at New York City, a city very similar to London with 14,000 yellow Taxis, and over 42,000 other licensed vehicles such as Limousines and black cars.

Most of these are doubled and trebled, and there are approximately 100,000 licensed drivers.

These are regulated by New York’s Taxi and Limousine Commission.

They have at present 404 Inspectors, and this figure is set to rise to 411 in 2011.

So we both have 100,000 drivers… They have 0ver 400 inspectors, and we have just 68.

Is it any wonder that the amount of sexual assaults including rape is through the roof and rising!

This figure has recently risen 54% (TfL figures) and looks set to continue.

Tfl and Tocu have lost control of this situation and it won’t be long before they are dealing with a murder.

There is only one solution and that is to scrap Satellite offices, because they are undoubtedly the cause of the 54% rise in sexual assaults.

London is fast becoming a third world city and we need a Mayor Rudy Guilliani, instead we’ve got Bojo the Clown!

Welcome to the Circus!

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